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Experience Executive Presence, Success, and Significance So You Can Step Into Your Greatness and Inspire Transformational Results


Human Performance And Communication Practices

Inspire and grow through workshops,  leadership courses, transformational seminars, keynote speaking, and 1:1 or group coaching and aid your personal and professional development. Apply practical  proven human behavior assessments and leadership methods.


Leadership Principles and Organizational Training Programs

Thrive in Leadership become the difference maker in growing your organization. Impact your leaders and staff with better time management, improvement in productivity, increase team morale and positivity for profitable results.


 Business and Organizational Development Systems 

Implement business development strategies with selected time-tested programs, researched-based systems, best of practice tools, and proven business building techniques to grow your organization.

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Why Choose The AppleCore Leadership Team As Your Executive Presence & Leadership Solutions Provider?


Focus On Your Objectives To Achieve Your Leadership Goals

We help you get on the right track to building a personalized leadership foundation to gain maximum results for you, your organization, and your students.


Identify Your Leadership Strengths and Growth Opportunities To Win

We help you learn and apply innovative tools, techniques, and strategies to focus on productivity for ultimate achievement in your school leadership goals.


Lead Your Team, Staff, and Students To A Higher Level of Positive Outcomes

We help you improve staff engagement and morale to ensure a positive culture. Continue on your leadership path toward achieving school goals in a timely manner.


We help you with proven time executive presentation skills as a leader so that you can gain a more buy-in, build better business relationships with stakeholders and have positive results in your career.

Leadership and Executive Coaching Program 

Our 1-on-1 Professional Coaching Sessions are conducted as an In-Person Meeting, Live Face-to-Face online, or on a Phone Call that is confidential and is held privately with you. 

Want An Expert To Help You Achieve Your Leadership Goals?

No matter what stage of your LEADERSHIP you are in, I can help you formulate and deliver a successful EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM for your staff to progress faster than you would on your own. From providing much-needed leadership skills training to helping expand your organization, I can give you both the researched-backed tools and time-tested perspective you need to achieve your business goals.

About Us

AppleCore Solutions’ mission is to provide you with impeccable service with a pursuit of excellence which can only be witnessed when you engage in a mutual business relationship with us through speaking, teaching and professional development requirements. We will help you reach your purpose, vision, and goals through an intentional plan of development, leadership and team building.  

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You played a significant role in the success of the conference. Your professionalism helped a great deal in making the event's program run smoothly. You demonstrated extraordinary skills and the ability to make appropriate comments which bridged between segments of the conference, thus keeping the audience very attentive.

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