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AppleCore Solutions uses leadership expertise and professionalism for your business', school's, public sector's, and organization’s future needs in speaking and coaching engagements, training, and professional development by empowering all stakeholders involved with schools and business and to work collaboratively in the communities that create and support powerful learning and life experiences for everyone to begin expanding the way of thinking in Values, Leadership, and Culture so we can take conscious steps towards creating BIG change in the Communities.


Let’s face it, some of our most precious assets, people operate their lives, careers, and business in pretty stale mindsets and surroundings. And while that might be “comfortable,” it’s far from the kind of environment that generates positive energy, true creativity and fresh possibility in your home, community, school, and business. That’s why we’re here. We are an inspirational educational and leadership whose mission is to help you and your team, whether in a family, school or business form, become more amazing at what you do.

Our Mission

AppleCore Solutions’ mission is to provide you with impeccable service through speaking, teaching and professional development requirements. We help you reach your vision, purpose, and goals through an intentional plan of accountability, development and team building. We facilitate positive and profitable change, improved productivity and create desired atmosphere that is necessary for effective growth and leadership. Through the whole-hearted dedication to best of practices, we source the "Best Quality" strategies required to meet any executive, leadership, and professional development needs.


AppleCore Solutions appreciates and is thankful for connecting with those who and what matters to you: our students, our schools, our teachers, our parents, our communities and our businesses. The corporate headquarter is in South Florida with an international platform to have a significant local presence and global collaborative impact. Through these entry points, our AppleCore Solutions team work on your needs and mandates to give your organization a much faster response to best of practices for achievement outcomes through the following pathways:


Leadership Principles and Communication Practices

Leadership is the difference maker and the deal breaker. It is how we grow organizations. It is how we impact lives. But, as you also know, leadership can not be an idea we simply talk about; leadership is the action we must live out. Study and implement the philosophies behind personal/ professional development and the role purpose, vision and goals play in leadership to discover the next level of success.


Organizational and Business Training Programs

Grow through workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching and aid your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Move you and your team in the desired direction to reach your goals by working together for a greater vision and purpose.


Personal and Professional Development Systems

Apply selected time-tested programs, researched-based systems, efficient and effective best-of-practice tools, and proven leadership techniques to enhance your strategic planning, organizational development, and productivity to create a more systematic approach and methodology for your business, school, and community projects.

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