Come experience practical, professional, and relational communication practices in a safe and neutral environment. This engaging and team-building tool where your team members discuss, share, and communicate their insights and perspectives on what relational leadership and effective communication are all about. This Session of the Leadership and Communication Series will challenge each member to embrace who they are as encouragers, empowerers, communicators, and connectors. In addition, the members will appreciate each other on a new level of collaboration to forge stronger relationships.

The Leadership Game is very powerful group assessment tool. It makes people open up to speak about things they would never even think about. It is designed to bring out strengths, weaknesses and gaps or opportunities for growth within organization. It helps to identify where People are at very different levels of awareness. It can be use as baseline/ starting points where we can help guide you to your desired next steps for your team. It helps a leader to get feedback from the participants and show the leader and see if he/she would be open to having a short discussion. It can lead the group as a whole to greeter awareness if they're open to it. It complements the Leadership 360° Assessment evaluation.

Objectives / Benefits

• Encourage Truth to be discovered and trust to be built

• Discover Team Strengths and Opportunities for Growth and immediately apply the new learned leadership and communication techniques in the workplace.

• Interactive activity to open communication

• Good questions inform while great questions transform

• Adding Peer to Peer accountability for increased team results healthy department + happy staff = great results

• Adding value to individuals and department by raising level of awareness

• Reveal individual and department strengths and gaps

• Personal Leadership and Personal Growth while learning your colleagues like you never knew them before.

• Lower stress and increase productivity

• Increase The Leadership and Communication Value the team brings to the department

--Maxwell Leadership Game

--Maxwell Leadership Game - Communication Edition

--Maxwell Leadership Game - Sales Edition

--Maxwell 360º Leaders Assessment Tool

--Maxwell DISC Personality Profile Assessment

--Maxwell Communication Impact Report

--Maxwell Sales Impact Report

--Maxwell Growth Impact Report

--Maxwell Team Collaboration Report


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