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How to be an Effective Leader

Managing people is not easy; you need to consider the personality and the character of each member of the team. With these, it would be easier to become a member or a follower than being a leader. However, the feat of being an effective leader just shows how mature you have become. By stepping a notch higher in terms of owning a responsibility, it also means that you are ready to take on something bigger. You are ready to take on better opportunities to explore on. So how do you become an effective leader? Here are essential leadership keys you may want to consider.

1. Delegating tasks wisely It is a big mistake not to delegate.

A lot of leaders don’t take the risk of delegating tasks because they are afraid that the follower cannot do what they are asked of. The problem is if you do not delegate, followers will never learn. Only in making mistakes will a person will learn the craft. To also hone the strengths of a follower, delegating the tasks that will enhance his talent will also be great. Of course, by letting them do the tasks by themselves with less supervision would encourage them to their best to learn.

2. Setting Goals When setting goals, you need to be realistic.

You do not expect a newbie member to be at its best on his first try. Of course, have some leniency when members make mistake. Once they make mistake, it is good to teach them by showing them what to do and let them try rather than doing the task on your own. One of the most of the common mistakes of leaders is that they set very high expectations that they end up owning the task. Again, your role as a leader is to give purpose and direction to your members. You all have to move forward at the same time to achieve a common goal for the company or the organization.

3. Communication A good leader must learn how to communicate well.

Call the attention of each member so they know to how improve. Let them know what your expectations and goals are and how will are you to help them achieve these goals. Also, when you need to reprimand, do it privately so as not to put shame to a person. On the other hand, when you need to praise them for their achievements, do it in front of everybody to encourage all members of the team for them to strive better.

4. Making time for each member

It is best to know each member of the team on a personal level; try to learn if the member is married or not, know what his hobbies and interests are and even the name of his pet. Once you get to know them, it would be easier for you to relate to them. If you have a good relationship with your members, it would be easier for them to open up to you too and this is a good way to earn their loyalty.

It is true that being an effective leader needs a lot of practice. But always think that you were once a follower once, so by putting yourself in their shoes, you would surely know their needs too.  

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