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How Young People Can Become Great Leaders in the Future

Gone are the days when only the old are perceived as great leaders. The young are treated to be minorities, and there is nothing much to expect from them. Even in the economy and industries, seniority has been practiced. So the longer your stay in the company, the higher your position can become. However, that is no longer the case today. Today, the young are encouraged to be leaders even in their early age.

Take for example the successful companies now; they are led by the young. Among the companies that are run by young people are:

Mr. Cory’s Cookies- Cory Nieves, started at age 6

Summly - Nick D'Aloisio, started at age 15

Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg, started at age 19

These companies are worth millions and counting. Perhaps what makes these young people good leaders in their respective fields were their passion and determination for what they do.

True enough, leadership knows no age. People who are meant to be leaders are those who persevere in reaching their goal. He or she is someone who never stops to trying. As they say, “fake it till you make it.” Perhaps, a little luck helped for those who have discovered or invented something. But for sure, it took them a lot of practice to be able to do so.

So how can young people become great leaders in the future? Here are some things you can do:

Make him/her do things.

Let us say you have a son. One way to nurture him into becoming a great leader is if you let him take the lead in your family activities at home. For example, have him plot out what to do and assign family members to tasks at hand. You will notice his leadership skills if he recognizes the strengths of everyone and mobilizes the group in accomplishing something good. This may take practice of course, but as a parent, you not only need to encourage your child but also help him by doing what needs to be done.

Allow them to fail

It is sad to know that the young these days are easily discouraged especially if they do not get what they want. It may have something to do with the era that they are born to; they want things to be done instantly. In this case, true leaders are those who fail and have learned to stand up again and live another day. Tell your child that life does not stop in failing; it stops if you give up.

Be a good follower

The best leaders are those who are good in following their leaders or mentors. They always play by the rules and follow what is right. The reason for this is how can they be good in leading people if they themselves cannot follow others?

Leaders are not born. They are nurtured and developed. Some may be more privileged than the others, but if one works hard, he or she can be a great leader. Lastly, it is always best to teach them while they are young.

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