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Executive presence is more than an event. It is repetitive behavior that creates a picture of who we are in the minds of others. We will teach you to connect to the real you to go the next level up of your career. Self-limiting and older behaviors will be replaced with newer powerful ones that are more appropriate to the executive suite. Exploring and expanding our positive mindset while at the same time linking those replacements with our underlying patterns of thought and emotional expression.  

Engage in strategic business conversations that lead you to improved decision-making and enhanced customer engagement. You should now see that real when you have the confidence that comes with strong executive presence you can: 

• Differentiate yourself in the eyes of leaders helping them view you as promotion ready

• Handle any challenges posed by high-level decision makers in your key accounts

• Provide the right type, amount, and level of information that executives need to make effective business decisions

Our action learning approach to developing key business skills incorporates learning, practice, and live coaching focused on your existing work priorities. We will help you learn how to exhibit executive presence whether 1:1 with an executive or in a presentation to a group.  

If you are interested in enrolling into my AppleCore  Academy™ Leadership Development program, please schedule a call to talk with Carla Andrews. You can also chat with me using the chat option on the bottom-right of this screen.

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