Looking for more programs to help your parents who want to learn ways to share more love and connection with their children, or looking forward to helping your parents to make a significant contribution to the family and community? With extensive background, training, experience as a life coach for parents, I am committed to providing you with the best possible services, programs, and strategies to support effective parent involvement growth for you as a school leader and for the parent of your students. I have helped thousands of children, youth, teens, young adults, parents, and families in developing long-term vision and strategic directions for their future and legacy.

We can help parents support their children to move from feeling overwhelmed, defeated, disgusted, and disorganized to focusing in securing a brighter future for their child(ren), teen, or young adult, and family. 

We can help you prepare your parents to be more committed, searching for solutions and build up more courage and confidence for their students next phase in school, milestones, and phase of life.

We can help you connect your parents interest into their child(ren)'s passion for future career choices.

If you are interested in enrolling into my AppleCore Academy™ - Parent and Community Involvement, please schedule a call to talk with me. You can also chat with me using the chat option on the bottom-right of this screen.

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