Vision Casting

Casting vision is one of the most important tools in the leader’s tool belt. With vision you excite team about the future. With vision you bring necessary changes to the organization. With vision you mobilize people to solve problems vexing the company. Effective vision casting sets change into motion.

Charged with the task of feeding and leading the staff, this vital skill must be learned by leaders who desire to lead well.


The organization you lead needs to have an overall vision of what it is running after. There needs to be identifiable targets and objectives. But in addition to the organization’s overall vision, there will be smaller visions that accompany it.

There is a vision for how your internal or external customer experience should look. There is a vision for what the experience will be.  There is a vision for what successe  will look like. There is a vision for how projects will be done and how the staff will come to implement processes. 

These visions are not competing; in fact, the smaller ones must be in alignment with the overall vision. But the key point is this: if you want each department and the culture to look a particular way, you must cast vision.


So how can you get better at casting vision? There are three things I have discovered that can exponentially improve the effectiveness of casting vision.

1. Recruit early adopters

If you are looking to cast big picture vision for the organization, do not go at alone. One of the most important things you can do is sit down with influencers and leaders in the organization and cast the vision to them first. Sit down and paint the picture of where you believe the organization needs to go. Answer their questions.

You do the same in other areas. If you have a desire to see the parking lot experience for customers improved, talk to a few people involved with it or who could be. If you want to see a change in a certain department, talk with key influencers before sharing it with the whole staff or making the change.

The power of having early adopters is that they become vision carriers. They become cheerleaders and fans of the vision, which helps bring others in the team on board. Early adopters prepares the vision for success.

2. Raise the urgency levels

A good vision is a picture of a future that is not reality yet. It is not a vision if it is something already in place. It is a picture of what needs to be reality. This requires change. It demands movement. If you are going to go from “here” (where the organization is currently) to “there” (where it needs to go), you must make staying “here” unbearable. This requires raising the urgency levels for going to “there.”

3. Drip vision into everything

One transition that could make all the difference in the world in your vision casting is the frequency. Instead of waiting for a Vision or special meetings, learn to drip vision into everything you do. Learn to cast vision in every interaction with the team.

You can be share on the reason why everyone should buy-in. But if your vision is for reaching a few, then show how performance drives the organization to be about its vision. . Drip vision into everything you do.

Drip vision into your meetings. Whether it is a lunch meeting, quarterly meeting, meeting with volunteer leaders, meeting with staff, or just meeting with prospective new team members, cast vision. Be always dripping vision into the conversation. This is how vision sticks.

Casting vision and learning to do it effectively is just as important as learning to lead well. Casting vision is vital for leading the team. Work on adapting these three elements into your vision casting as a leader and you will see increased participation, and ultimately, more visions becoming reality.

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